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The main characters all have objectives to complete and secrets to keep, so they remain an active part of the game.  Some of the main characters will have tasks that involve speaking in front of the whole party. 

Main Character

  • Once your payment has been received, your character details will be emailed to you. It may include backstory details, tasks you will need to complete at the beginning of the game, and costume suggestions.

    Things to keep in mind:

    • The killer will not know they are the murderer until they open their second envelope at the party.
    • The victim will not know they are the victim until they get to the party. The victim will not have a list of objectives
    for after the murder. Also listed in their first set of objectives is to, “fall down dead when the lights go off.”
    • The victim after “death”: If the victim wishes to play along after the murder, they can do so without an identity or, they can also assume a sub-character identity if they so choose.

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